February 9th, 2006

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Song: Broken Vow By Josh Groban
Characters: Wash, a Tribute


I don't know how long this thread will last >> But if anyone could make a new yousendit when this one dies that would be greatly appreciated. I have been having an issue with it lately -___-;; Lucky I got this one.

Hope you all enjoy!

Who made this?

I do like to credit people who make with the Cool Icons.

Who made the karaoke one pictured here? I've seen it all over, but have so far been unable to trace it to it's original source.


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greetings, all!

my name is victoria, & i'm not only new to this community, but fairly (a couple months) new to firefly as well. i've been watching this community for a couple weeks & wanted to join the fun! ; D

i wanted to put something else out there, though. i'm in a folklore class this semester at the university of missouri - columbia that is entitled artistic communication in fan communities & in addition to being a firefly fan & wanting to join the group for that reason, i was wondering if it would be okay with you guys to use this community as one of many to help me better understand firefly fans, in an anthropological sense. i have no malicious intent & if any of you are uncomfortable with being quoted (with permission) i will surely omit certain people from my fieldwork or if enough people feel uncomfortable i will not use the community at all. even if that's the case, though, i would like to stay here as a lj firefly fan.

i would appreciate comments with your guy's opinions, & if it does turn out you guys as a whole are uncomfortable with the idea i'll surely not do it - i just wanted to let you all know about it so people don't feel like i have ill intentions, or the like.

i'm glad to be here, though, & look forward to more time with you fellow browncoats! : )

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I'm working on a gen fic that is technically a sequel to Firefly (on the offchance we never get to see what happens to the 'verse after Serenity). It's purely for fun, of course, and to give myself some practice writing original characters. I'm calling it Dragonfly, and the main character is Wash and Zoe's child. I'm writing the Firefly backstory first (as a prologue). Right now, we're between "Objects in Space" and Serenity, but it will eventually incorporate and go beyond the movie (and hence will have BIG SPOILERS). I just thought I'd share what I have so far. :-D

Title: Dragonfly
Chapter: Prologue, pt 1
Ships: everything gen (I'm trying to be as canon as possible) like K/S, Z/W
Slash: none now, but eventually there will be references to Kaylee/Inara.
Rating: PG
Words: 5,700
Notes: Feedback of any kind is always appreciated. I'm always looking to improve, and it's always nice to get a little motivation to keep working on your looming WIP :-) If anyone wants to keep up with this piece as I write each little section, feel free to friend dragonflyfic. Thanks in advance to everyone giving this a shot.

Mal took it personally.
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heya, just joined the community a few moments ago, and felt the need for that 'hi, i'm new here, just wanted to flail my arms around a bit in introduction' post.

i joined because i'm on my way to becoming a truly rabid fangirl over the series Firefly. Since i first saw the series two weekends ago, the show has completely stolen my brain. honest to god, i've watched the damn thing 4 times since i bought it.

back to the point, i joined the community because very few people i know, know about Firefly, and with my rapid descent (or ascention, depending on how generous you are) into obsessive fangirlyness, i feel the need to talk to people who love the show as much as i do.

so hey, i'm new. and i have a question:

if any of you read the fanfiction for the series, can you please explain something to me? it's been puzzling me like crazy since i first realized how popular the pairing was, but:

WHY do people pair jayne/river together?

i've been reading the fics, and i've been watching the series, and i can't for the life of me understand that pairing. i get the whole 'big strong man liketh small and delicate-yet-deadly female', but come on. as loveable as jayne is, he's also a gun-totin' brute. -_- i just don't get it.
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I just discovered that a friend of mine is quite fond of my lj icon of Wash playing with his dinosaurs and as I am similarly fond of her, I'd like to surprise her with a wallpaper for her desktop but I am ... somewhat lacking in the ability to actually create one myself. Could someone with the requisite screen cap and photoshop skill create a 1024x768 and/or 1152x864 wallpaper of that scene for me? Or, failing that, link me to an already existing version?

Doh je sin.
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I saw a friend post the the Serenity, firefly icon mixed with the bad script from one of the worst video games of all time (can't remember it, never played it).

But I love Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity.... and even Tim Minear's "Wonderfalls"

All great stuff...and since I'm kinda bored, thought I'll join something I like...

So here I am...

Umm, Favorite Firefly moment.... ummm Collapse )