February 10th, 2006

Railroading and Firefly don't mix......

...or do they?

I was running a little freight switching this morning, and I was about to couple to this one tank car when it turned out to be still connected to its dispenser. Two guys came out of the plant to disconnect it.

They both had blue gloves.

I almost freaked.

Later on, we were doing some track inspections - my boss is walking on the tracks up ahead, I'm slowly following him in this 180-ton diesel locomotive...and suddenly I find that I'm wearing this perverse Jayne-with-Mal-in-the-crosshairs grin. Heh heh.

I'm too far gone.
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Serenity icons - Bonus Materials

Hey, to celebrate the fact that I have the Serenity DVD (YAIY!!!) I decided to make a couple icons (23, to be exact). They're all just quotes from the Bonus Materials, Outtakes and Deleted Scenes. Why? Cause I said so, that's why!!! Here:

WARNING: Some contain language

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Enjoy. Cross-posted all over the 'verse.
i heart thee

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alright, so i had my first Firefly get together today. finally got my friends over to watch the show. they liked it, laughed a lot...but i don't think they were inspired to the obsessive level that i've reached. T_T sadness.

one thing they pointed out, though, that i hadn't really noticed, were just how close and cuddly river and simon are. one of the first things my friend ray said was 'incest much?'. and i tilted my head to one side, re-wound, re-watched, paused, blinked, and kind of agreed.

its most definitely not what joss intended (i think O_O), but simon and river really are snuggly siblings.

this probably just proves that i have very twisted friends, but it made me wonder.

have any of you got a slight 'incest' vibe from the tams?

not to mar the awesomeness of the series or anything, but i just wondered.
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