February 11th, 2006

l. parker; let's go steal a sweetheart


Hey, to further celebrate the fact that I own Serenity on DVD and can watch it anytime I like, Here's more icons. Again, Outtakes and Deleted Scenes.

Warning: Some contain language.

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And I do take suggestions and requests and such. So, Suggest away, just comment here.
And I'm gonna make some from the actual movie soon, too. So, just keep a look out.

its a small world

this is not really firefly news sorta.

i'm reading a book called 'spares' by michael marshall smith and one of the characters is called Mal. i thought 'thats a cool name'. i'm on page 108 now and his full name is mal reynolds. i bought this book years ago before i had even heard of firefly.

what are the odds!

this just amused me and thought it might amuse others too. lol