February 13th, 2006

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I seem to have been bitten by the icon bug, so I'm going to spam these here too. If y'all don't mind :)

Outtake remakes (now I have a DVD version I can play on my PC.)

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Again, share away, credit me, blah blah blah.
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Ok, I found a little article in the Australian Video Ezy "Magazine". It's not great quality, but whatever. It's a short interview with Joss Whedon, and a little review of the Big Damn Movie.

And here it is:

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New Firefly video - shipper study/Book vid

Just passing along my latest video since some people on ff fans seem to have enjoyed my others.

This one's a little different. It's an attempt to explore all of the relationships on the show (conventional and otherwise) from Book's perspective. Kind of a big, complex subject, so there's a lot of symbolism here. It's set to "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode. (WMV - 3:51)

Two sizes

856x480 - 27.8MB

428x240 - 13.8MB

I hope everyone enjoys. I'm going to post it in a couple other places as well.

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Does anyone know Nathan's brothers name? I met a Josh Fillion today and he looked a little bit like Nathan (was also from Canada & is a music teacher). I'm sure its just a weird concidence but figured I'd ask anyway.
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Just another fic posting, don't mind me :-)

Fear not, I won't be posting every chapter of my fic here (uh, unless you want me to...), I just wanted to let those interested know that the newest chapter of Dragonfly is now up on dragonflyfic since I got some interest with chapter 1. (After chapter 3, I'll probably stop these announcements, so please friend it if you want to keep reading!)

Those (hundreds) of you who were hooked into the addictive fic "And In The End" by our dear van will be pleased to know that he has helped me revisit my original ideas and revamp the storyline. I'm going completely AU now after the series, ignoring major events of Serenity (*AHEM*), so those of you who were saddened by particular plot points might feel right at home. Dragonfly will now be entirely a Firefly fic (greatly lessening the focus on my planned original characters) that tells the story of Wash and Zoe's child as I originally intended it before I got Jossed ;-)

So please feel free to give it a try, you might like it. Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged. It's always nice to know someone is out there reading.

Title: Dragonfly, Chapter 2
Author: jarrow
Gen fic, AU, Zoe/Wash focus
Rated PG-13 for language
This chapter: 4,400 words

Zoe woke with a start, [read more]

For those who missed it, [Chapter 1 is here]
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I got my Jayne art card that deni_zen made! It's even better in RL than in the scans. Thanks hon!

Also something kind of cool that I found last week was a restaurant next to where I work called Penang Village.
It used to be an old-west, frontierland, mining camp kinda themed bar and grill place, but now it's a Malaysian restaurant. The result? Lots of Malaysian and Chinese decor amidst the old wood and metal architecture. They have a website here http://penangvillage.com and there are some photos, but walking into it really is like walking into a place in the 'verse. All it needs is the holographic pool table...