February 14th, 2006

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Firefly graphic designer

My college is hiring a new Graphic Design professor and one of the candidates it's down to is the graphic designer who designed the credits for Firefly. (I'm not sure if he designed the logo itself for Firefly.)

He'll be at my campus for the next two days and the senior class is going to ask him questions and help decide if the school should hire him. Needless to say, I'm a little excited.

Anyway since I'm a senior, I can't wait to talk to him about Firefly and thought you guys would find this awesome too.
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Ariel Ambulence Rescue Needs Volunteers!

Call for volunteers!

We're poised to make the deal and take away the Ariel Ambulance! Donor
Candice Boyles, Akin the Finder, owner's son Shawn Kilby, and I are
coordinating the transfer now.

So now we need volunteers! :)
We need...
1. people with cameras and video cameras--documentation!
Can you borrow a digital video camera from a friend/neighbor?
Do you a have a camera you could loan to an attending Browncoat?
2. large, semi-muscular men and warrior women to help move the
The ambulance is light: wood frame and fiberglass shell.
3. people interested in restoring the ambulance

--Who can show up in person at the scrapyard?
The scrap yard is located along the strip of Mojave-Barstow Hwy on the
southern border of the Mojave Airport, Mojave, CA.

--Who can show up in person at Minter Air Field Museum--the first
display point?
401 Vultee Street
Shafter, California 93263

Come over to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ArielAmbulance/ for more info ASAP!!

Also check out: http://www.adamwhiting.com/Firefly/ArielAmbulance/

We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty!

Added in Edit: Thanks for all the well wishes! I was going to make this a comment, but then I wasn't sure to reply to! :) I'm by no means the one who's put on the most work on this, that badge goes to many other hearty Browncoats who've spent hours calling museums and trecking down to the junk yard where our lovely was found. But, for those of you who can't help at the moment, come join up on the group if you're interested in helping out later! The plan is to take the ambulence on a tour of conventions around the country, so there will be help needed in many ports of call. And, while we've gotten a generous doner for the purchase price, there's still a lot of repair work needed on her before she'll fly true. So if you've got a little cash lying around that you can toss in, it'd still be much appreciated. Tons of details can be found on the group yahoo site for those who want to know more or get involved.
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A follow up to this post: Kristin from E! gave some more info on Firefly in her chat on Monday, so this is a (slightly) more detailed account of what might be going on... maybe.

From junglejen9: Firefly. You gotta spill it if you have any additional info, please!
I've heard the CW is considering bringing it back as a series, miniseries or movie for next season. Hurrah! For you who missed my message board posting, on Tuesday, Nate Fillion, Summer Glau and Gina Torres were seen coming out of one of the exec buildings at Paramount, where they are putting together the new CW unit.