February 15th, 2006

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I was wondering if the Firefly community wouldn't mind answering a slightly off topic, general Joss question for me. I am looking to purchase The Angel Complete Series Box Set. I know it's being sold in the UK, and I know I can purchase it from overseas. I just can't figure out why it is not being sold in the US. If you could drop some knowledge on me, tha'd be great. Thanks.

Just so I am not completely off topic,

Am I a Lion?

You like, you take.

Firefly Cake

All I wanted for my birthday was a Firefly cake. I don't know why, but I said to my husband and roommate one night, "I want a Firefly cake for my birthday!"

I called into work today after I heard my roommate call in. I was like, "There's no way that I will be the only one working on MY birthday!" I did go in at noon, because they need me. They gave me cake. :) Joey and I went out to breakfast, and then we're going to Paradiso for supper with friends and some family.

I came home from work, and Joey said he made my cake. And lo and behold! A Firefly cake! I have the best husband in the whole world! :P Isn't it shiny? (or at least the aluminum foil is!)

P.S. He gave me the Firefly RPG for my birthday too! Heehee!

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Hey there, folks, how y'all doin'? I'm new to LJ, but I wanted to find a group of friendly Browncoats, and y'all seem pretty shiny, so it's nice meetin' y'all. :) Have a shiny night. :)