February 17th, 2006


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Hi everyone,

I know someone posted a link before of Serenity in the .mp4 format for ipod videos. I feel stupid cause I thought I might be getting one, but I never downloaded it. Well, now I have one and I'd love to be able to carry my BDM around with me. Could any one possibly post me a link to that? Thanks
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A Filmmaker's Journey (Serenity).

Um, okay, so... I have a link to one of the special features on the region 4 DVD.

"A Filmmaker's Journey: Journey with Joss from Script to Screen".

It's 20 minutes long and, for the first 3.55 the sound is a fraction off, I tried hard and managed to fix it for the last 16 minutes, but... it's well worth the watch and just don't look too closely at their mouths when they talk for the initial bit.

Also? If you download this, *please*, PLEASE, please promise me you: own; will buy for yourself; or give multiple copies of the Serenity movie to your friends as gifts. I don't want this to affect sales or any other vital things.

Just sharing the Aussie extras with those that didn't get it. And this one is worth it.

link to the pretty. (megaupload).

Edited with YSI link here courtesy of me_fein.

WMV format and a large file, (because it's 20 minutes long).
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Sam's Story...

Even if you don't read comics much, you should take at this, especially the six-page comic story at the end of the article. Joss and his Astonishing X-Men partner John Cassaday are contributors to this, Jeph Loeb's tribute to his son, Sam...

Sam's Story
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Region 4 extras (the rest of 'em).

As per requested...

This is a zip file that has four extended scenes, a "Take a Walk in Serenity" featurette and "The Green Clan" featurette that were included on the region 4 DVDs but weren't on the region 1.

I made them WMV again, because I had them as mpeg files at it came to 125+ MB, which is just insane. The WMV files were 30 MB. It's a little difference, but I'm sure people downloading will appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I can't use You Send It, so it's all megaupload still...

region 4 extras here and you can find the "A Filmmaker's Journey" feature here.

Edit: now with added YSI link!!!
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Just a question

Has anyone readFinding Serenity?
If so, what are your thoughts.
Personally, the essay that sticks most firmly in my mind is The Children of Sawney Bean as much for it's historical reference as for it's comments about the Reavers of the movie; how these are not the Reavers from the series and, in fact, while very very close the movie is not the series.
I also loved the essay that discusses the visuals of the series and how they're all carefully chosen for specific effect.
Unfortunately, my copy of the book didn't move with me so I really can't comment with any more clarity of pith than this. Not that it will stop me from trying.