February 19th, 2006


Someday I'll own a box-set of that Big Damn trilogy.

Some time ago, spxoon linked to the song "The Ballad of Joss" by the Bedlam Bards. (This post here.) After listening and getting my own shiny copy, I awaited new music.

Well, I figured I would pass along the info that not only have they released a new song, Sail the Sky (which is mighty nifty in itself), but that also they have finished their album of Firefly related songs: Bedlam Bard - On the Drift

Haven't seen any other mention of it here, so figured passing it along would be a good thing to do. ^^

(Also... I might as well link to Big Damn Trilogy, too. X3)

(EDIT: Apparently, the link to download a copy of 'Sail the Sky' leads to 'Ballad of Joss' instead... o.o Does that happen for just me, or is it a flub on the site's part?)
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Get your BrownQuotes on!

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I really have a hard time believing I'm the first here to mention this, but I didn't find it in any recent entries, so sorry if this has been pointed out before. Maybe I'm the only one who uses this.

If there's anyone who uses the Google Home Page like I do, there's a new module you can add: BrownQuote! Simply put, it puts changing quotes from Firefly and Serenity on your Google home page. Instructions to set it up are obscenely easy, and available both in the Google modules selection and on the Brownquote site.

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Just a bit of fun...
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Hey guys, I'm planning a firefly vid and discovered I don't have the song in the right format sooo if anyone out there has "Black Dove" (January Girl) By Tori Amos hanging around in MP3 format, I would adore anyone who could send it to me! Thanks!