February 20th, 2006

Blue Sun Rising

So I was actually motivated enough to go to the gym today. Applying the Jayne Cobb Theory of Wardrobe Selection, I grabbed the first clean t-shirt on the stack, which happened to be my Blue Sun t-shirt.

Now my gym tends to attract a sizeable upscale Vietnamese and Chinese clientele.

I realized, about halfway through my workout, I was attracting more attention than usual from several of the Chinese patrons. One finally came up to me and asked me about the t-shirt. When I explained it was from a TV show, they smiled, nodded politely and went about their gym-like business.

I can only surmise they were wondering what a guay lo was doing wearing a t-shirt with Chinese lettering from some TV show or another...
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Good Times

I was watching the show 'Good Times' on TVland with my mom and suddenly I let out a huge scream. Scared the go-se out of her! The episode featured a blind man who was selling encyclopedias and was a con man, unbeknownst to the family, of course. The con man happened to be Ron Glass. I said, "A Shepherd would frown on that." My mom thought I was looney. So I explained the Firefly 'verse to her (for the millionth time) and so she understood my excitement. Just thought I'd share my recent crew sighting!!
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