February 22nd, 2006

Joss Master

Crew sighting!

So I was watching Dead Like Me last night. In the last episode of the first season Mason goes into a record store to try and pick up a girl. He ends up banging the cashier in a closet. It took me a minute to recognize that the very goth'ed out girl he was doing was Jewel Stait (I nearly sad 'Kaylee' but that was sooonot Kaylee). Wish I'd gotten a screen shot, you'd never believe the look.

A friend...

came over last night and we forced her to watch Serenity (which she *loved* of course) with us. The DVD menu is on and we're explaining the cast of characters as they fly by and were sad to see that there weren't shots of Book or Kaylee - wtf?

I realized that I need to own that movie. Fortunately, my birthday is coming up and I dropped some HUGE hints to my husband (who also mentioned something about Firefly DVD set). YAY!
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Last night, I was looking thru som Jensen Ackles pictures and I stumbled accross one of Jensen Ackles and Morena Baccarin kissing!!

It's from the pilot of "Still Life" which was the only one that aired. The rest of the episodes were shown in South America cos they bought the rights. (why couldn't my country do that??) Anyways.. This may be old news to many of you, but to me, it brought my two favourite fandoms closer together
(Supernatural - Firefly/Serenity)

And it made me so happy! And I just wanted to share it with you..

Edit: And since some of you've been asking so nicely..
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Dragonfly, chapter 3

I've completed my first working draft of Chapter 3 of Dragonfly at dragonflyfic. Wee! Again, this is a post-Firefly AU that focuses on Wash/Zoe. This particular chapter is far more plot-focused than baby-focused, and know that there's plenty more of this subplot on the way if it appeals to you. Remember, you can simply friend dragonflyfic if you want chapter/scene updates as they happen :-)

Title: Dragonfly
Author: jarrow
AU Gen fic, rated PG/PG-13
Pairing: Zoe/Wash
Words: this chapter has 3,700

[Chapter 3]

Thanks again for all the great feedback on the previous two chapters. I have edited them both to tighten up some spots and make things flow better.

[Chapter 1] *** [Chapter 2]
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Random little moments

I was in the pharmacy and heard on the radio an ad for 'Serenity active-wear' that made me perk up my ears just for the word, 'Serenity' in it.

And yesterday I got a check for a ridiculously small amount and all I could think of was Zoe saying, 'At last, we can retire and give up this life of crime...' :-D

I do believe I'm obsessed.
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My intro!

Hello my fellow browncoats! I just joined the community about a week ago but nevcer did introduce myself. My big bro showed me a few episodes about 9 months back, but we didn't own the DVDs so I never saw too much (He also showed only the second half of "war stories" to me.......and 5 of my close friends have been brutally tortured and I work with torture victims on an almost daily basis....so needless to say I didn't get hooked.)

Then we saw shindig and safe.........yep...hooked. I finally got to see Serenity and ALL of the episodes when visiting a friend for a weekend (I am happy to say that Serenity is what cheered me up that weekend when my cat that I had for 12 years died.)

Anyway, I totally adore the show. I am learning Chinese and find it really funny whenever they speak in Chinese. I once even complained to ,my friend asking why they spoke with a southern Chinese accent.

Just wanted to say hi

Also, I NEED to note this:

I have been saying Shiny since about 2001-2002. So WAY before I ever saw the show, I was saying Shiny. Everyone thinks I am just obsessed with FF/S......no....I just have said Shiny for AGES.
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Bluetooth Dongle

I just went out and bought the O2 Bluetooth Dongle for use with my brand new phone (I have my mp3 of the Firefly theme tune as the ringtone as a result) and the name of the program it uses to work is "BlueSoleil", which is half-French for "BlueSun".

I love this dongle. It's the best one ever.
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