February 24th, 2006

Glee - Somebody To Love (Glee Live)

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The movie comes out on DVD in the UK on Monday, and if you order from HMV (online at the very least, possibly instore too, not sure), you get a set of six art cards. I ordered mine a few weeks back, and it arrived this morning, ahead of Monday's release date.

So I present to you the art cards. They're concept art, four of them are in the visual companion - the other two may well be, but I've had a fairly good scour and I can't see them!

Anyhoo - have scanned 'em. Well. I say scanned - I've taken photos of them with my digital camera because I don't have a scanner. So apologies for the flashmark in one of them...

One of them contains a rather huge spoiler.

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Just wanted to let you guys know about an online store I ordered from with some very cool Firefly stuff. I am not affiliated with this store in any way, but they've really impressed me with how friendly - and cheap! - they are. I'm always on the look out for good quality FF stuff, and I know a lot of you are too, so here they are:


They have t-shirts, bags and notepads for Jaynestown University (how cool an idea is that?), Mudder's Milk, TG Freight, Blue Sun and Browncoats, as well as lots of other goodies. I ordered a TG Freight laundry bag, and this morning it arrived - along with three bottle bags and a whole pile of stickers and notepads. Recommended!

I'm really trying to resist the lure of the goodie bag. >:D
Ollie Canter

Docking Question

Hi all. I joined the community back in December when I was finally introduced to the wonder that is Firefly by my friends, but I've never posted before.

Anyway, I've been rewatching the eps and maybe there's a simple explanation to this that I don't see, but I was wondering if anyone knows how, when Serenity docks with another ship, etc., she turns upside down, but everything it still right side up on both ships. I get that there's obviously artificial gravity on Serenity, but for instance in Safe, when they dock with the Magellan, wouldn't the floor of Serenity be connected to the ceiling of the Magellan?

Like I said, there's probably a simple explanation, but it's usually the simple things that I don't see right away.
Thanks to all in advance. =)