February 25th, 2006


Very Cool!

I just got off a flight from Seattle to Heathrow via British Airways. Worst flight I've ever had! However, I was extremely excited to see that one of the in-flight movies was none other than the BDM - Serenity! Being the big damn fan that I am, I squealed and bounced in my seat upon seeing it listed. Ok and also whilst watching the film *sheepish grin* despite the plane's desperate attempt to fall out of the sky %} Though it did add an unintended realistic feel to the mad "flying" scenes..LOL..Anywho, thought I would share my little "squee" moment....

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Braves -- Chipper Loves You

(no subject)

Hi, I'm new here. I have two vids to share. They're the first I've ever made so be kind to me, I am getting better the more I play around with 'em.

Vid Title: Magic.
Band/Artist/Song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, by The Police.
Duration: 03:24.
Character/Pairing: Inara. (Okay, lots of Mal/Inara, too.)
Episode/s: Most.
Links/Size: To view: Click here. To download: Click here.
Format: The download is wmv.
Notes: I know it's small, I didn't have the hang of ripping from DVDs yet.

Vid Title: Sensitive.
Band/Artist/Song: I'm Sensitive, by Jewel.
Duration: 02:52.
Character/Pairing: Kaylee.
Episode/s: Most.
Links/Size: To view: Click here. To download: Click here.
Format: The download is wmv.
Notes: Getting slightly better, at least I think.

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Serenity Jolt

Sorry, had to tell y'all this. So I'm sitting at work doing a crossword puzzle (only because I'd already finished 3 sudoku puzzles (and yes, sometimes I do do real work)) and the clue for 23 across was "Oater Bar", which due to fuzzy contacts and the clues being too close together I read as "Oaty Bar", which in turn caused to me sing the Fruity Oat Bar song for the next couple of hours. :) Gotta love Serenity!
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so, i just got done watching the commentary on all the episodes (well, the ones with commentary) & on the BDM. & i must say that joss' commentary on objects in space really deepened my love of that particular episode. my favorite-ness had really been bouncing back & forth between objects in space & out of gas, but after the commentary i've been swayed. man, i'm a such a sucker.. hehe.

so i guess i was curious, for those who have seen the commentary on objects in space & for those who really like the episode.. does that piece (referring to the episode with or without the knowledge of the commentary) affect you the same way it does me? cause from the first time i saw it i've really liked it. especially river's wonderful line about how they're just objects in space, they don't mean what you think.

your thoughts?

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