March 3rd, 2006


Vote for Serenity in the Teds!

Hey all,
The Pensacola New Journal has a new awards ceremony they are soliciting votes for. And Serenity is among the nominees. Check it out!
C'Mon, let's get some more awards for the Big Damn Movie!


Everyone is familiar with the Oscars, which honor excellent films.

Now, say hello to the Teds, honoring most excellent films.

Named in honor of Ted “Theodore” Logan, one half of the most excellent title duo in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” the Teds will honor those great films that we all love, even if they aren’t considered Oscar fare. This is where the “Napoleon Dynamites” of the world win over “The English Patients.”

Best of all, we want YOU to pick the winners!

Nominations for 2005 releases are online at Voting will be open through Sunday.

In addition, we’ll name one individual as the recipient of the first Bill S. Preston, Esq. Lifetime Achievement Award.

We’ll announce the winners online on March 6.

Please vote, and tell your friends! We're hoping this becomes one of those viral things that gets picked up by the likes of Fark and Slashdot!
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Chapter 4 of Dragonfly is up! Starting to get into the big action subplot now :-)

Title: Dragonfly
Author: jarrow
AU Gen fic, rated PG/PG-13
Pairing: Zoe/Wash
Words: this chapter has 5,200

Thanks again for all the great feedback on the previous three chapters. I've made some edits to tighten up ship logistics and the timeline, so please keep the help coming! Every suggestion helps make the story better.

[Chapter 4]

[Chapter 1] *** [Chapter 2] *** [Chapter 3]
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Yesterday I was forcing myself to stay awake in my British literature course as my professor read "L'Allegro" by John Milton. Suddenly my ears perked up when I heard the word 'saffron.' In lines 125-126, Milton writes, "There let Hymen oft appear, In Saffron robe, with Taper clear." A footnote in the anthology that I was reading, The Norton Anthology of British Literature, said that Hymen is the Greek god of marriage and is often described and/or depicted as wearing a saffron colored robe. The color is a burnt orange, the color of Yo-Saff-Bridge's hair!! Needless to say I had a geeky smile on my face the rest of class.
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