March 4th, 2006

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Please someone tell me,

On the DVD series, how do you get to the extended blooper/gag reel? Or is it only on certain special editions or something? Mine doesn't show the scene with Mal and Zoe singing "Geisha in the Window" or the part where Mal happens to be everywhere in the room while their old war buddy is talking on tape. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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S & H.
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Hi, all! I was wondering if anyone knows of a ripped version of that Our Mrs. Reynolds deleted scene where River decides she and Simon are going to be married. I would assume that a file of it is floating around somewhere here on the internets, but I haven't been able to locate one. Help, please! :D

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Firefly DVD Sales

Thought I would pass along this info... currently Firefly is #5 on Amazon dvd sales and has been since yesterday (Serenity is #17). It\'s amazing what Firefly is passing in sales like some of the Goblet of Fire dvds and Narnia. Here\'s hoping this will get it the attention and sales it deserves.

New Sketch Cards

So I just received my new Sketch Cards thanks to gdg and here's my "try em' out" cards:

Starbuck goes to gdg (I need to add the smoke to her stogie though) and I was already asked about Buffy (but the girl has yet to respond)... I really dig how Kate come out though.

I'm currently doing a whole set of Buffy/Angel and Firefly/Serenity cards. I should have some to post later tomorrow and during this week.

Well... back to my webstrips...
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The injokes abound! Hilarious little parody, now with turnips. :D Not completely worksafe though. Poor Doc. :-|

While I have your attention: I've lost a link to a site that sells Firefly merchandise. This particular one sold steins (beer mugs) with a Firefly design on it. Do anyone know where it is?