March 6th, 2006


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hello again, everyone.

it's me, victoria, i'm the one doing my semester portfolio in my artistic communication in fan communities folklore class on firefly fans.. & i was wondering if you all could help me out with a quick something.

i'm trying to look at as much firefly fan schtuff as i can, & i feel like i'm doing a pretty good job except in the slash fiction category. if any of you guys would like to help me i'd love if you could list for me all the different pairings, places to find fic related to said pairings, &/or anywhere that talks about "this is why i ship ___ & ___".. or anything else you think could help!

thanks in advance for the help - i'm trying to explore as much as i can of different ways browncoats express their firefly love. ^_^

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ava/pwnd 2.0 matt

"I never did meet anyone like Zoe...."

Vid Title: "Ballad of Wash and Zoe"
Band/Artist/Song: The Beatles - "In Spite of All the Danger"
Duration: 3:03
Character/Pairing: Wash/Zoe
Episode/s: Some BDM, but mostly the series.
Links/Size: Megaupload Link / YSI Link / 21.35MB
Format: WMV, so it'll play in DivX or WMP.
Notes: Third video in a series. I couldn't find a song that fit Wash well by himself, so I decided to go with this song for him and Zoe. I thought it described their relationship pretty well, from both of their points of view. I did not dwell on the BDM sadness because the song focuses on the hopefulness and devotion of relationships.

As before, let me know if you download. I'd like to know what you think.

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Jacket Silhouettes

New Vid

This is my first new vid in a while as I was having trouble with my software and my muse was on vacation. Had some downtime, got bored, beat my software into submission and finally got this one out of my head. Enjoy!

Title: Finding Serenity
Fandom/Pairing: Firefly - Mal/Jayne

A Slashy look at the relationship between Mal and Jayne. This is my first "Trailer" video and my offering to the alter of the ever increasing number of "Brokeback [insert fandom here]" video but I couldn't resist.


Note: To those what have been waiting YES this means I’m working on getting my site back on-line!

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River Tam v. 2.0

Hey guys, I posted my River doodle earlier. After nagging myself a little I redid it last night before I went to bed. I gave it a better background - cheesy - but better than just gray. tried to clean her up a little but it got to be too much of a hassle. I agree with aaeryn that I should have made her hair darker. I actually thought of this whilst coloring her hair but I have no clue why I didn't... I might redo that later but until then, please check out my newer version at my DeviantArt account. I was going to do more with the background but...I didn't. Again maybe later.

River Tam v. 2.0

BTW thanks for the comments guys, it was really nice of you. I appreciate it ^_^

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dead zone johnny &amp; sarah

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So...I have a question.

Why does everyone like River so much? I guess I just don't get it but she seems to be one of everyones' favorite characters. I always found her rather bland and annoying (particularily in the series since she always seemed like she was just...there...and didn't really serve any purpose).

So I guess I'm curious as to why everyone seems to love that character so much? And was it because of her character in the series, or the movie, or both?