March 7th, 2006

h/w batman and robin

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a while back there was a post about serenity in 1000 (2000) words or less, and it was rather humerous.

does anyone know where that cab be found? i've spent the last 20 minutes looking for it and keep seeming to skip right over it.

thanks guys!
Hercules: Whatever

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Alright my lovelies, this like my first post onthe boards. Yes, I am a lurker. I read and comment, but rarely have anything to post myself. However, that has changed.

I am wondering where all the online Firefly RPG's are!!!! I know of two. I am in those two games. But I have a friend who wants to play book, and she can't find any games! And I of course ant to be in the game with her too, so, I ask ya...Any one know where the games are pimped or where people are looking for players???

Jackie, fellow Browncoat and FF addict!
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