March 12th, 2006

Help me pitch a panel!

OK, here's the sitch...

I'm on the programming committee for the LA WorldCon, later this year. The programming chair, bless his little heart, is a media fan as well as a lit fan, so no worries there. In fact, he's already gotten a producer of one well-known SF show to agree to appear (can't say who yet). Other media panels that have been suggested involve BSG, Lost, and Star Trek (40th anniversary).

He's interested in having some sort of Firefly/Serenity panel, as long as it is something more interesting than just 'Come Hear Fans Talk About Firefly.' Something along the lines of the Firefly panel I moderated at LosCon last year - 'Why Didn't Fans Get Firefly the First Time Around?' would be great because it sparks interesting discussion.

Now I'm good with pitching that LosCon panel to him again, as I think it will be interesting to do it with a much larger fan base. But I'd love some other suggestions from you guys as to what sort of really interesting Firefly panel you might be interested in attending. Something more than just 'My fave ep is < FITB >' or 'I think Jayne is hot because < FITB >.'

I know we've had some fab meta-discussions here, so help me out! This con is the Big One for the general fannish community, so I want to spread the Firefly love just a bit further.

Oh and BTW, I will post further guest info as it becomes available to the general public, as well as membership info.
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A token of appreciation

As you may have seen via a post here by bufandita, I had quite the amazing fandom experience on Thursday night at the Slither premiere (you can find my recap here). Since then I've been working on a little project to give something back to the Firefly/Serenity fandom. I bought a account post-premiere and have spent the weekend tagging, organizing and downloading pictures from as many Firefly/Serenity related events as I could find. So far I have just over 500 pictures. They're all tagged according to actors and divided into folders based on events.

You can find the gallery here.

I hope you all enjoy them and for the next month if you see any pictures you want added to collection, I'd be happy to do that. (I admit that I have yet to look for random pictures of any cast members other than Nathan and Alan but I am totally willing to do so.)

[link cross posted to fillion_daily]

A token "OMGZ NEWBIE" post

I've been a fan since, oh, Friday at one o'clock. A handful of people on my friends list have been Firefly fans, but it never came up much (and why? I now wonder). On Friday, one of them mentioned that there was a marathon on SciFi. Being obsessed with LJ, I knew the names of the characters, the general plot, its untimely death, but nothin' more than that. It had me at the theme song. After watching "Bushwhacked," and "Shindig," I was so sold.

The characters? The music? The episodes? Like, how have I been missing out on this for... ever? Anyway, even after those two episodes, I knew I was doomed. I watched "Safe," "Our Mrs. Reynolds," and "Jaynestown" today and I plan on buying the DVDs asap (tomorrow? YES). I need the DVDs. I want to see Serenity so bad, but I'm definitely going to wait. I've been spoiled, unfortunately, way back when it first came out, but I refuse to read any other spoilers. I'm so excited!