March 14th, 2006


Icon Love!

Hey guys... Made some more, thought I'd offer 'em here. Not nearly as many as last time, and two are duplicated because I either wanted text/no text, or different text. Anyways, check out the rules, and I hope you enjoy!

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Sam Beam
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In "Objects in Space" during the discussion on River, Jayne says "if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak" and I've always wondered about that phrase and whether or not it was Jayne misspeaking or if in the next 500 years, with the melding of our cultures, the Western aversion to eating horsemeat has lessened and he was actually employing a real proverb.

What do you think? I personally prefer to believe the latter as it adds a little more flavor to the 'verse.

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Out of curiosity, does anyone know of a good site or place that has some sort of "master list" of all the various SereniFly goodies (as in, the R Tam Files, the Comic Book(s) extened FF blooper reel, the Bedlam Bards CD, the many many many fanfic sites, podcasts, Into The Black, etc) that are out there? In my obsession I simply must have/see anything and everything FF/S related, and the DVD extras (and easter eggs) quickly proved to be too little for me. I have begun to try and make my own sad little list, and would be happy to share, but I wanted to see if someone else was already doing this. Clearly, a truly-comprehensive listing would take a ton of work, especially since we're such a fractured group overall, with everything going on word-of-mouth alone (well, or our cyberspace equivalents). Heck, I'm sure Universal or someone could make some money if they put together a package of all these extras or made a site accessing everything. Of course that would take out all the fun of the hunt!