March 15th, 2006


New Zoe/Wash vid

Just passing along my new music video. My wife requested the music and characters, but I don't think she expected me to make it this angsty. Urm, enjoy?

Vid Title: Straight To You
Band/Artist/Song: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Notes/Summary: Zoe finds strength in the memory of Wash. Movie spoilers, obviously.

Edit: Since this one doesn't seem very popular in terms of number of downloads, I'll go ahead and post the permanent archive link.

Please right-click and "save as."

Big: 34.9MB, 856x480


Small: 428x240 14MB
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Anyone else see Gina Torres on The Shield last night?
I was flipping channels and all of a sudden there was a very hot, very nekkid from the waist down rear view of her with Vic Macky....Just.NOT.RIGHT! She's sposed to be doing that with Wash! *sobs*

Can't wait to watch Bones now...not that I ever can wait cos it rocks but love to see the boys back together :)
Apple - Lust

River Tam V. 2.0

Sooo some of you may remember that River Tam piece I did a while back. I modified it a little to make her hair darker and to add more shadows under her eyes and to make her eyes less "anime" per se... I'm actually not so sure whether I like the end result or not because while it still looks nothing like River it's quite different from my previous piece because of her eyes... One of my friends said he liked it better... but I'll let you guys decide.

River Tam 1.5

NEW River Tam V. 2.0

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