March 16th, 2006

captain hotpants

My Firefly/Serenity related procrastination knows no bounds.

Hello again. Tonight I have two offerings for you all. First off, I've posted some more pictures to my Big Damn Firefly/Serenity Gallery. They're mostly Adam, Summer and Morena from various cons (including this past weekend's Grand Slam), although there are a few more Nathan ones and pile of random ones of Morena from various premieres.

Secondly, because I'd downloaded it for myself and it wasn't really a bother to upload while I was cramming for exams, you can find a copy of tonight's episode of Bones, which featured a clean-shaven Adam Baldwin as an FBI agent. Here is the link:

ETA: I forgot that I wanted to point out that Adam's presence on Bones is especially amusing because of this earlier Firefly related scene:

Also of note, an article about Adam's role on Bones.

[I'm not cross-posting this anywhere, but if you can think of anyone who'd be interested in any of its contents feel free to pass the information along.]

Central Florida Browncoats!!

Hey you shiny people! Just a quick FYI. The Hot Topic at the Brandon Mall in Tampa is STOCKED with all three Serenity design t-shirts. I picked one up today and could barely contain myself! :-)

Just thought I'd spread the word.
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Jacket Silhouettes

Relocated Ohio Browncoat looking for GA Browncoats

Relocated Ohio Browncoat looking for GA Browncoats....


Wiccy here. I've just move to Marietta GA and I'm wondering how many Browncoats there are in this area and where or not they get together for Shindigs and the like.

I'm a bit spoiled because where I'm from, Cincinnati, Ohio area we do Shindigs at least once a month and we have strong ties and friendships that have developed via our Firefly love. So I'm looking to do the same thing here in GA.

So if you're here raise your hand and let me know.

Thanks and keep fly'n!

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(no subject)

got a question for any shippers:

what difference does it make which name you put first in a slash pairing? for example, what the heck is the difference between simon/jayne & jayne/simon? i saw these both somewhere & was confused... my only guess is it signals which char is more important or more dominant.. since most of the male/female slash pairings i see have the guy first.. like jayne/kaylee, jayne/river, mal/inara, wash/zoe, etc.

so yeah, just thought maybe someone could enlighten me. sorry to bother non-shippers. thanks!

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