March 18th, 2006


Fic: Chapter Two of "Under Their Skin"

Chapter two of my Zoe/Wash fic “Under Their Skin” is ready. This is the second chapter of six.

Title: Under Their Skin
Author: stormkpr
Author’s email:
Pairing: Wash/Zoe
Characters: Wash, Zoe, with the others playing “supporting roles”
Genre: Drama/Romance/General
Rating: M (which is equivalent to the old “R” rating)
Timeline/Spoilers: Takes place after the BDM -- although one major, disturbing event from the movie has been changed in my fic.
Summary: A story that focuses on Zoe and Wash’s relationship, with some new passengers presenting them – and the rest of the crew – with a difficult situation. Fic will contain movie SPOILERS.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned the characters and the Firefly franchise, but I don’t. However this fic is written solely for fan enjoyment and no money is being made from it.


Chapter Two

Question: Simon.

So tell me, folks,

How come every possibility - Simon is gay, or Simon is just a 'tard when it comes to people - has been considered except this one?

Simon is a VIRGIN.

You know, that's what always crossed my mind.

How come nobody has written any fanfic about him losing his virginity, having to learn about women, whatever?

Not ALL young doctors are getting laid in linen closets by attractive, loose nurses. If the stressed-out folk on's forums are any indication, I'd guess half are like Simon... better at getting good grades and high MCAT scores than relating to real people. And who hasn't complained about that with their doctors in real life?