March 22nd, 2006

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A few months ago I had a baby. Somehow, I broke my knee during labor. Three days later, my husband had to go back to Iraq for eight more months. My dad came up (to the middle of nowhere Fairbanks) to help out with me and the baby.

We're both Sci-Fi fans. Since it was -50 outside and I was incapable of walking anyway, we stayed home and watched DVDs.

So after watching Battlestar Galactica, Stargates 1 and Atlantis, and Taken, we decided to rent Firefly. Some of my FList had mentioned Firefly but I'd never seen it. Since I'd never really gotten into Buffy or Angel, I guess I just sort of dismissed Firefly whenever it was mentioned.

And we were hooked. Completely mesmerized. And heartbroken too. Why was something so fabulous canceled so precipitously???

It didn't occur to me, until tonight, to even look for an LJ community.

But I should have known that such a fabulous show would still have a rabid fan base!

I'm so happy to have found you all!
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I bought blank t-shirts yesterday from the store, along with t-shirt transfers. I was at Hot Topic over the weekend, saw the Serenity logo tee, went "OMGIWANTTHAT," was disappointed as hell to find out that it wasn't in my size (and that it's not on the website, nor is there another location near me to order it from), so I decided "Why not make my own?" (Let me know if there's been a conversation like this already. I looked briefly back into December.) There are a motherload over at Cafe Press, I know, but making my own is a lot cheaper. And, I don't want to go through 117 pages of merchandise to find an unoriginal idea. Here's a question for you all:

If you were walking down the street, or the hallway of your school, what would be the ultimate Firefly reference on a t-shirt that would make you stop, smile, and probably shout out "I LOVE THAT SHOW"?

I have ideas already, but I want narrow it down and pick a really cool idea.
(1) The Firefly or Serenity logo (probably on the front).
(2) A Jersey-style tee. What would be cool to use as the name on the back? I could use a character name (Reynolds, Tam, Washburne, Cobb, Frye) or another reference (Browncoat, what else?). Then I could use the Firefly logo on the front, and some number of relevance under the name on the back (2X2, 15).
(3) Quotes! Firefly has an endless amount of awesome quotes. Which ones are the best for a t-shirt? Also, a quote that makes sense to random people reading it (as in, probably not one about juggling goslings) but one totally unique to the fandom. And even though it inevitably will, a quote that doesn't look like the other mostly annoying, generic quote t-shirts.
(4) Graphic. I would probably make a (semi-)screen print (except using iron-on transfers) out of a picture if I used one. Mal holding his pistol or Jayne in his hat would make adorkable screen prints. I would need a higher-res image if I did screen print, though.
(5) Band tour. This is a developing idea, but you know how a lot of band tees have the band's tour on the back and all the places they go? Wouldn't that be cool to do with Serenity? But I'm not sure what I'd list: character names, people they know (Saffron, Patience, Tracey), or places they've been.
(6) More?

I could probably combine a lot of these ideas, too. If you have ideas or can expand on these, please share! :D I want to know what other Firefly fans would love to see on the street. I'll show it to ya when I'm done!

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I'm new to fandom
and trhe world of Firefly.

A freind introduced me to it about a week ago and I've devoured the the DVD set then the movie and I have to ask myself.
What was the network (I assume Fox) smoking to cancel this.
Am I out of line thinking there was some major drug use and stupidy going on at Fox.

Anyway I want to reach out to the other fans, say howdy
and hug all of you for supporting something I should have been supporting a long time ago.