March 23rd, 2006


Browncoats Unite!

It's that time again...time for the Spacey Awards - Canada's only sci-fi and fantasy television awards show.

Serenity is up for 2 awards...but only one that can voted on by fans. So get yourself over to the site and vote for Serenity as Favourite Movie!

Vote Now!

Mal/Nathan Fillion is up for Best Movie Hero - but that is determined by the expert keep your fingers crossed!

Winners are announced on May 27th :)
  • alem

Browncoat Ball 2006?

I've seen a couple people mention that there's going to be a Browncoat Ball in California this year. I attended the one in chicago in 2004 and it was lots of fun and I'd love to go to another one.

Anyone got a link or contact for the Ball so I can find out details? (Link preferred.)