March 27th, 2006

fathom eye

In a very silly mood...

Been making a lot of icons the past couple of weeks - haven't hit my collection of Firefly stills yet, but while I was making Mutts icons today, I found a certain resemblance of one kitty to a certain Serenity crewman...

Jayne and Mooch, seperated at birth? :)

edit - (Mutts icons posted over here). :)

firefly/serenity video share

i have been saving firefly and serenity related video interviews for a while now. i'm sure you have seen them all, but i would like to share just in case you haven't so, here you go:

NOTE: i did not record any of the video. i foolishly did not keep track of where i got the videos from so i cannot credit the proper people. most were recorded by fans attending the events.

PLEASE DO NOT upload these videos to youtube. i know it has become popular lately, but they do not allow copyrighted material and they have had problems with studios asking them to take down videos. just a heads up if you want to keep this stuff available for us fans (especially the full firefly gag reel)

Collapse )

i know i have more, so i may keep uploading in the next few days...

if a file becomes unavailable, just comment and i'll reupload (but only mon-fri, 8am to 4pm chicago time, while i'm at work 'cause that's where i have the fast connection)

3/28 eta: i uploaded everything to megaupload PLUS added 1 new file in the serenity section