March 31st, 2006

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Big Damn Heroes TV Schedule for the week of 3/31 through 4/6

Reminder: Times and channels may differ by location, time zone, region or country.
Check your local listings to confirm dates and times ~

*~All times & channels listed are for East Coast US~*

SOME CABLE & SATELLITE  COMPANIES are running a 20 minute "bonus" after Serenity on Pay-Per-View. It contains a gag reel, an interview with some of the cast and a "pop up" version of some scenes sharing secrets of production. Please verify with your cable or satellite provider that this featurette is included with your purchase. NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL AREAS. (USA only, as far as I know) 

IN ADDITION, with the release of Slither in the US today (March 31), Nathan Fillion may be doing some interviews on the daily entertainment programs. Keep your eyes out for any that may pop up. None are showing on my TiVO, but it doesn't always catch every single thing that airs given the programs may not list the segments ahead of time.

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Date  - Time  - Event: Title  - Channel

An lj-cut cut, 'cause I didn't realize how long it was until I saw it on my friends page. Sorry, guys!

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