April 3rd, 2006


Serenity Game

I will be running a Serenity RPG game starting this Friday April 7th at 11am at Borderlands on Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville FL. No one has created a character so ALL spots are open. I will run this game twice per month or basically every other Friday so the next session will be the 21st. The game should start around 11am and end around 4 or 5 pm so you will be able to do whatever on Friday night. I look forward to having about 6-8 people in the game and I have run games with larger groups than this but I think this is a good number for this game. If you are interested or would like more detail please email me at the address I have for the game FireflyJax@aol.com or comment here. You can't stop the Signal.

(no subject)

I posted a Non-Firefly/Serenity piece of artwork in the group yesterday and someone decided to be a big meaniehead and give me crap for it. I threatened not to post ANYMORE artwork and that's not fair toy any of you who've been nice to me. I'll refrain from posting Non-Firefly/Serenity art in the group from now on... I wouldn't want people to lose sleep over it.