April 5th, 2006


Voice Alert!

So maybe I'm slow on the uptake. I really think I should've known this already considering I've seen the movie at least 10 times on cable, but last night I caught the end of I, Robot (love that movie), and at the end I was watching the credits because I couldn't remember the name of the actress who played Dr. Calvin (Bridget Moynahan, nice). As the credits are rolling, whose name do I see?

Alan Tudyk.

That's right. Our very own Wash provided the voice of Sonny, the robot. I kept replaying some of Sonny's and some of Wash's lines in my head, and I can hear it. His voice was obviously altered to make him sound more robotic, but I can still hear the similarities. How cool.

That's all. You can go back to what you were doing. :op
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23 Wash and Zoe Train Job Icons/My Icon Journal

Hi all! New member here. Just finished another batch of Firefly icons over at my icon journal. These are of Wash and Zoe from the Train Job episode. I'm slowly iconizing by episode.


For more from this batch, click here.

Also, there's something like 140 more (of all the characters!) where those came from at my icon journal: bigdamnfficons

Comment, credit, no hotlinking and enjoy!!

OC casting

I would like to announce that Through the Storm (a post Serenity RPG) is now casting OCs (original characters) to be picked up as passengers on Persephone. I will only be accepting a maximum of three. Please e-mail your applications to: neko_chan42@hotmail.com
Please include:

Gender: (m/f)

Appearance: (hair, eyes, clothes, how they carry themselves)

Personality: (what they are like)

History: (where they were born, lifestyle, why they're on Persephone)

Purpouse: (Why they are boarding Serenity)

Played by: (actor you would like to play them)

Sample post: (an example of an RP post)

Thank you!
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Do you love making icons? Do you love writing fanfic? Do you love making vids? Do you love to comment? Do you love to rant about how wonderful your fandom is?

If you answered yes to any one of those you may proceed to the following

Do you love Wash?

If you answered yes to that last one, then have I got the perfect place for you. 


Where we will shortly be having a multi-medium challenge centered on our BDH Wash with a lovely banner prize, and the option of having a Graphic or Vid request to be answered by either I or can_we_forget
So head over and post all of your Wash loving goodness!

Seven down, two to go ...

The seventh Little Damn Hero is now available at BlackMarketBeagles.com. It's Shepherd Book, with the quote, "Seems Like Everyone's Got a Tale To Tell." Ok, so I know that's Mal's quote, but it was about Book, so I figure it's valid. Hell, I'd probably have used it even if it wasn't about Book, since it's so fitting for him. :)

I've also made a banner and an LJ icon to go with it. Feel free to use them as you see fit, just please don't modify them.

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