April 8th, 2006

Firefly Petition....

Hello, below is a link to an “online petition” to bring the TV show Firefly back. I did not start this petition, I am just doing what I can to spread the word. I do understand how much of a long shot this is, but what can it hurt? Just ask yourselves, what would Capt. Malcom Reynolds and the crew of Serenity do?

So, please take the time to fill out this petition. And also help in spreading the word about the petition. Thank you very much for your time…


cast wallpaper or journal theme?

A while back while browsing around others' pages and sites, I came across (and foolishly left) the most gorgeous photo of the cast...it was very sepia, and was a portrait, not so much a scene still. And now I'm craving it - I need a shiny wallpaper! Whomever made it is a genius, I nearly cried when I saw it. Any ideas or suggestions towards finding it or something like it? Thanks!
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Friending Meme!

Hello all! A friend of mine put together a Firefly friending meme, and I wanted to pimp it! It's a fun, easy way to find other people who are into your ships and interests and whatnot, and beef up your friends list.

Check it out! And pimp it, if you can - that's the only way it'll work. :D

Music Video!

Hey all, I just made my first Firefly video! (Second ever video), and I think it's rather shiny. :)

It's of course, Mal/Inara centric, and if you'll fly on over to my LJ you can get the link. :)

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