April 11th, 2006

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RPG Ad - Post Serenity Game...

The Premise

Lampyridae is a post Serenity (movie) | Firefly roleplaying game, obviously based in the universe that Joss Whedon created when he created Firefly. After the events of the movie… Serenity and her crew are sailing in a new black, so to speak, the Alliance is still a power but their hold is waning. Interest is peaked when a fellow Browncoat waves Serenity with the possibility of interesting information and a promise of a job.

We have been running for just over three months with a strong current & future plot and active players. We are currently at the beginning/middle of a large battle against the Alliance force on Boros, but don't let the huge idea stop you from applying.

The Name

Lampyridae is the scientific name for the firefly.

The Characters

Looking for a Simon Tam. As well as original characters and minor characters.

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Serenity RPG

Well, we started our first Serenity RPG this past Sunday.
It was quite fun. So far we have:
A bounty hunter/assassin/acting captain (starblazerm31)
A driver/courier/acting-mechanic
A gambler/thief/all-around ladies man (yours truly)
And an OCD/Neat Freak/Germophobe/Pilot - think Howard Hughes meets Niles Crane
And a cast of thousands - okay a half-dozen or so fleshed out NPCs performed by our GameMaster (nikki_vigil)

It was quite a fun introductory session - get to know each other, get our ship and our first jobs, and manage to plant some seeds for complications further on up the road.

Looking forward to more.

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ello, all.

as a refresher, i'm the one who posted a couple times about the semester portfolio i'm doing in my artistic communication in fan communities class... i'm also the one who requested early on volunteers to be interviewed for my project. well, i'd like to now call upon someone for a specific interview i have to do this week. though i still want to do other interviews before the semester is over, this interview has a deadline much sooner and even though i do have a list of volunteers, i wanted to ask again about this one specifically, hoping that there'd be someone who has a little free time in the next couple days.

the interview i have to do by friday is about an artifact from the interviewee's firefly fandom - ie a piece of fanfic, fanart, a vid, or anything else that expresses this person's fandom & is important enough to them that they could talk a bit about it. if you'd like to help me out & have a bit of time either tomorrow or thursday i'd really appreciate if you left me a note sayin so.

i'm thinkin the easiest way to do the interview is either over a messaging program like aim or yahoo or by phone - i have long distance, so don't worry about that. just thought i'd mention it in case people were wondering how i'm planning to do an interview with someone who may be states, countries, or continents away.

i apologize for taking up space & hope this isn't too much of a bother. thanks in advance to anyone who offers their time.

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