April 12th, 2006


Firefly/Serenity Catchphrase

So, I got the suggestion earlier today that Catchphrase is another game that one could do a Firefly/Serenity version of. I'm still working on my Trivial Pursuit idea, but coming up with 2400 questions is a lot of work! I have broken 100 though. So, for the easier game, here's how it works:

Materials: Cards and an egg timer

There's a phrase on a card and one person tries to get their team or partner to guess the phrase without using any of the words on the card itself. Kind of like cherades only with talking.

Version 1: Team Catchphrase

Forming teams of 3 or more, play like Taboo. Pass the cards around and only team members can guess the answer, a point is awarded for each correct answer before time runs out.

Version 2: Elimination Catchphrase.

Put the cards on a ring and pass around, everyone can guess. The person holding the cards when the timer goes off is eliminated (but can still guess questions). Last man standing wins.

But, I could use some quotes from people! So, what quotes would you want to make your friends try and guess? Not in a who's the biggest Firefly fanboi way, but in a fun kind of way. ;)
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Birthday Boy

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Title: Definition
Status: Compelete
Rating: PG
Characters Involved: Mal, Zoe
Pairing(s): None.
Disclaimer: All characters, places, and certain events provided in this text solely belong to Joss Whedon and is in no way affiliated to me other than my wish to write and share to the Firefly/Serenity fans everywhere.
Summary: At first glance, Zoe's not to keen about boarding Serenity as the first mate for Malcolm Reynolds. So then what changes her mind at the end?
Spoilers: None.
Notes: Just something that came to my attention while watching "Out of Gas".

Why'd you do it?
Jacket Silhouettes

My Tattoo

Ok, I have no idea why this just occured to me, but it did.

I just realized that I've never shared pictures for my Tattoo with you folk!

So Ima do that now...I got it back in early May of 2005...

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What'd ya think?

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mass effect, shepard

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New Firefly/Serenity vid! spoilers throughout

Fandom: Firefly
Song: Cry by James Blunt
Paring: General
Summery: I started this for the friendship theme at sff_vidding but i didnt get it finished on time so here it is now. Its about the friendships on Serenity and how the crew has been through a hell of a ride to get to where they are.

Link: putfile:http://media.putfile.com/cry-
yousendit: http://s36.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0ZJH9BCJIM6TQ0JLGJNITAXU4G 

For the rest of my vids, check out my vidding journal theframechange