April 16th, 2006

Monsters Inc. : Aim to Misbehave

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The Premise

Lampyridae is a post Serenity (movie) | Firefly roleplaying game, obviously based in the universe that Joss Whedon created when he created Firefly. After the events of the movie… Serenity and her crew are sailing in a new black, so to speak, the Alliance is still a power but their hold is waning. Interest is peaked when a fellow Browncoat waves Serenity with the possibility of interesting information and a promise of a job.

We have been running for just over three months with a strong current & future plot and active players. We are currently at the beginning/middle of a large battle against the Alliance force on Boros, but don't let the huge idea stop you from applying.

The Name

Lampyridae is the scientific name for the firefly.

The Characters

Looking for a Simon Tam. As well as original characters and minor characters.

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Anyone know some good comic/sci-fi shops in California - specifically SF and LA.

The Firefly trading cards are coming out when I'm over there (from England) so I thought I may as well buy them when I'm there.

I have already been given a list of the comic shops in the area but I'm looking for personal recommendations - which ones are the best shops.

(And also, if you want to rec me some fun things to do whilst I'll be in Cali, that'd be cool too - I want to be a total tourist!)

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Silly idea

After seeing Chiwetel Ejiofor in Kinky Boots I realized he would have the presence and vocal talents to play everyone's favorite sweet transvestte from "Rocky Horror."

Of course this got my mind wondering....

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Friends, a great day is upon us in just over two months.

June 23: Uncle Joss's birthday, as we are all keenly aware. But the 23rd of June in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Six will become an auspicious day in history: we will give Uncle Joss his most whopping birthday present ever: WE WILL RISE AGAIN!!! Save the date, for it is on that day that we will set forth to the four corners of the Earth-that-was to shake it with our support. We will buy the DVDs, we will send fan mail to the studios, we will celebrate the genius of Uncle Joss and the specialty of his creation and the very existence of Firefly, we will make ourselves heard - as we clamour en masse for Serenity and our Big Damn Heroes to fly once again. In just a couple of months, we're gonna be rainin' fiery fan support down on those arrogant cods, so you hold! YOU HOLD!!!!

Link is below for full details. Spread the word, fellow Browncoats! March on out and show them who we truly are!


HAHAHA!!! Ours is an evil laugh!! NOW FLY!!!!!

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Supanova 06 - Brisbane

Hey guys...
As Supanova is only less than a week away, I was wondering which of my fellow Aussie Browncoats was going? I know I asked a while ago, but now, you should be sure if you're going or not.
So, speak now or forever hold your peace.

C'mon, you know you want to...


Crossposted all over the place, sorry if I'm spamming your flist.
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