April 17th, 2006


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Pimping a brand new comm:fandom_wars

This is a community where you can post well thought-out character discussions, plot comparisons, rants about what you hate about a fandom, talk about your favorite thing about your favorite fandom, defend your favorite ships or seasons.. Whatever! Any fandom is welcome! Buffy, Veronica Mars, Lost, Friends, Firefly, House, X-Files, Bones, Alias, Charmed, whatever!

Please read the rules before joining the community. Thanks.

Sorry again if this isn't allowed. :)
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Are there any role-plays out there looking for a River (me) and a Kaylee (my friend)? We really, really want to join a role-play as those two characters. I mean a good role-play too, not one that barely updates and ends after a few months. We want one that updates regularly and keeps going. :(