April 24th, 2006

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Kaylee pic

Last year I managed to make it to I-Con. I got to see a number of celebs at this con, one of whom was Kaylee:

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This was of course before the Serenity movie came out, I wish I had picked up a picture of her before going for the autograph - she was doing free signings (which is actually kinda rare when you meet celebs), but I had to purchase a b/w photo from the upcoming movie since I had nothing else on me.
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hey guys

just wondered who's going to collectormanina this weekend in milton keynes (uk) to see ron and alan? hope to meet all you nice shiny folk. the last con i went to i had planned to make some kind of lj badge for people to recognise me but i didnt get round to it, hopefully will have that sorted for this weekend.
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another newbie

Howdy folks!

I just discovered this community today, and figured I'd join. Here's my quick capsule story of how I discovered Firefly:

A couple of friends had seen Serenity and recommended it. So, I went and saw it and was really impressed! I'd heard vaguely that it stemmed from some TV show called Firefly that was done by the same guy that did Buffy. Well, I never could stand Buffy, so I'd never even tried to see Firefly.

Right after I saw Serenity, a friend of mine had bought the Firefly DVD's and was raving about the show, saying it was the best thing he'd seen. So, I checked 'em out and was floored! Here was great, natural characterization, great dialogue, interesting plots, and a sci-fi universe without hundreds of different forehead prosthetics! I fell in love with the show right there!

I'm very leery of fandom in general, because with that territory comes the slashers, the furries, the other lunatics with no life outside of their fandom. However, from dipping my toe in the waters of the Firefly fan base, it seems to have less of a concentration of that aspect. It's just all kinds of different folks digging a good show, for the most part, and that's refreshing!

So, it's good to meet you all!
Firefly & Earth

Anyone else do this?

Whenever you're watching Firefly, do you sing along w/the theme song on every episode?

I do.

Any other tv show I have on dvd, with the exception of Futurama, I skip through the opening credits/theme music, but on Firefly I don't.

That song and the accompaniment is just so ... perfect, and I don't even like country music.
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