April 25th, 2006

Gundam Chibi Char

New Fan

Can you believe I just now got around to watcing this great show?

I just got back a month or two ago from being deployed overseas, and while over there we had dvds and such, but that was mainly our access to shows and movies. Our internet connection was so bad it would have even been impossible to download these episodes. My friends are huge geeks and of course I had heard things about this show, a lot of things. All of us really liked Buffy and Angel, so we were big Joss Whedon fans already.

Anyway, I was wringing my hands in anticipation and frustration at having to wait until October to see the new season of Battlestar Galactica (I've been seeing that many fans are interchangeable between the two shows, which is nice), so I decided I really needed something to take my mind off of it and I remembered about this. I have a certain taste in shows which tend to lean more in the Sci-Fi direction, having grown up on Star Trek and Star Wars.

So I made my friend lend me the show. WOW. Words can't describe it. I'm sure many of you know this feeling. I knew it from, you now the exact moment in a show when you just know it's going to be spectacular? That moment was in the first episode after the battle of Serenity Valley when Mal is promising everyone their reinforcements were there and they look up only to see the huge Alliance ships. Just the look on Mal's face... I knew it from that moment the show was going to be something else. Just, the dialogue... this witty humor that only Joss Whedon can portray. Much of the same type of humor and banter that I would recognize from the Buffy shows. I don't think anything else has made me giggle in such a nerdy fangirl way before.

The characters; Mal I liked right from the start. Like I mentioned, I was hooked on him from that scene in the valley. You just have to like him. He is very underdog in a rough sort of way, who has a side to him that is kind and caring, but won't think second at killing someone if he deserves it. A very rugged appeal, in fact, he reminds me much of Han Solo and what makes him charming. And I really love the relationship between him and Inara. It just makes you smile and go "awww".

Simon I really didn't like in the beginning. But oh God, did he ever grow on me! I think I finally liked him a lot when I saw the Jaynestown episode where he was like, "Is this what crazy is like?" I mean, in the beginning he was kinda shady and didn't show much personality. But he really has some likeable qualities, and I think I dare to say that I even grew to like him more than Mal. *GASP*

Same thing goes for River. In the beginning she was really annoying and whiny and I just couldn't take it. But as we saw her personality develop she really grew on me a lot. I think the whole relationship dynamic between her and her brother is really beautiful.

Jayne: Oh wow, another character that completely grew on me. I think he ended up being my 3rd favorite character. I didn't like him at all at the beginning of the show, but I think the turning point was the episode "Ariel". I was really mad at what he did and the scene where Mal had him on the back of the ship ready to chuck him off, I was thinking, do it Mal! I can't believe he did that, he doesn't deserve to live. But then Mal spared him and I was actually relieved. I thought, you know, I actually am kind of fond of him and it just wouldn't be the same without him around! "Jaynestown" was just TOO classic! And how could we all not love his silly hat?

Shepherd Book. "A very special Hell." Need I say more?

Kaylee: I like each character in a different way and she definitely has her moments. She's just way too awesome with how she can work on Serenity. But really, I don't want to see her with Simon! I know, so bad! I don't think they belong together, even though it is cute.

Zoe is just badass....

Inara: the relationship with Mal is just so AWWWWW.

Wash: Friggin comedy! I was DYING in his first scene with the dinosaurs. Then with the episode where they are tortured and Mal insists he has to sleep with Zoe. The look on his face is just priceless!

So, I've actually just finished watching the series toniht and I am going to start on the movie tomorrow. The show actually made me cry a couple of times. Especially when you watch the making of on the DVD it just makes you sad.

God, what a great show with such good characters! If anyone would like to share some internet resources with me like good sites, ect, please feel free! I am such a new fan that I know of practically none!
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Nimen hao!

Hao jiu mei jian!

Though I had been interested in the idea for years, being introduced to--and falling in love with--Firefly really provided the impetus for doing it. It can sit side-by-side with what has been native and natural all these years. I have leaned toward Taoism and Buddhism for a few years now. And looking at the state of the world, it is inevitable that having some additional knowledge and skills will be beneficial in the long run.

So: is anyone else here learning to speak and write Chinese? Not the occasional curse or expression that sounds oh-so-quaint, I mean actually learning the language from the inside-out. And not so much as a little hobby. I'm totally serious about this, quan xin quan yi.

Xie-xie! Zai tian!