April 30th, 2006


a couple of vids

A couple of recent-ish vids. Of... uh, dubious moral value. ;) The links will take you to the respective posts over on my journal. Feedback is appreciated. :)

Post Blue
Song/Artist: Post Blue by Placebo
Duration: 3:07 minutes
Summary: Simon/River. She knows all the ways you could love her. You know what you have become.
Spoilers: Serenity, Firefly, Firefly deleted scene #3. Reference to the R. Tam Sessions.
Warning: Crazy Space Incest. (Plus a wee bit of naughty language.)

Knock Me Out
Song/Artist: Knock Me Out by Linda Perry feat. Grace Slick
Duration: 3:19 minutes
Summary: A sultry black and white shipper vid for Mal/Simon. Simon POV.
Spoilers: Firefly and Serenity. Contains additional footage from Jean Genet's Un Chant d'Amour.
Warning: This vid uses alternate source footage and contains material that is sexually suggestive, though not particularly graphic. Use your own discretion.

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Dragon*Con's American Scifi TV Track is pleased to announce our first ever Fanvid

We will be accepting fanvid submissions between May 1st, 2006 through July
1st, 2006.
Submissions recieved before or after these dates are not

You are welcome to nominate up to three fanvids per creator. Creators may
self-nominate, but no more than three of their own.

Fanvids will be accepted from the following genres:

Stargate Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica
General Scifi (Misc. shows such as Sliders, Dark Angel, The 4400,
Smallville, etc.

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