May 2nd, 2006

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!ATTENTION! (thats right, i really couldnt think of any other way to get your attention)

okay, im not completely sure if ive been here long enough to do this, but im throwing down the gauntlet to anyone willing to accept, i propose a challenge to everyone and anyone out there to find the best firefly related picture they can find.

there aint any rules to this, because if im honest, that would mean i have to put more thought into this, and frankly i cant be arsed
just find a pic, and post the hell out of it

naturally i'll start it off:

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[Beatles] JL | funny papers

TV Show head-to-head vote

Okay guys, the big one. Some of you might know about bracketology's thing. They like to put TV shows against each other and see who votes for what. Firefly had been on it many times, and now it's in the finals round. Unfortunately, it's a head-to-head between Firefly and one of my other favourite shows.

The finals

It's all come down to a fandom war, basically, but I'll post this here for those of you with Browncoat pride. :)
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The look

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I wrote a fanfic with the help of my friend noneofyours It's a Mal Inara fic and I hope you all enjoy ^^;;

First 'part' is pretty long. Too long to be considered a chapter I would say. But please enjoy!

Title: Without You
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Mal and Inara, crew members make appearances.
Setting: After Serenity
Summary: Mal finally realizes that he needed to tell Inara how he feels, before he loses her forever.

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mp3 help...

does anyone know who played the music used in the trailer? it's being used in the trailer for the soccer movie... even better... does anyone have an mp3 of it? i'd ♥ you forever!!! THANKS!
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