May 4th, 2006

Sandra Bullock

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I had a few questions regarding to the cover art of the movie, Serenity. As I am crazy about this movie, I wanted to collect the different DVD covers.

Since I live in Belgium, I'm just quietly looking at releases first.

Does anyone here, per chance, what the official Belgian DVD cover will look like? I have a rental version here in my hands ... but one can never be too sure?

Also, a little help regarding the different Serenity cover DVD releases would be very much appreciated! :)

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There are two exciting Big Damn Chefs announcements! :)

May 1, 2006
We received recipe submissions from talented Firefly music score composer Greg Edmonson! He sent us two wonderful recipes: Pepper Steak in Red Wine, and tasty Roasted Potatoes. He said, "These have been favorites at many of our dinner parties and are bound to please Browncoats in search of a hearty meal!"

May 4, 2006
At long last, the Cover Art Contest is now open! For more information about the contest, click here to go to the website and guidelines.

  • 1st place - your artwork appears on cover, a "Serenity Bank Heist Money Display" donated by the Propstore of London, and a prize package from the Blue Sun Shop.

  • 2nd place - your artwork appears in some form on back cover, and a prize package donated by Blue Moon Novelties.

  • 3rd place - your artwork appears in grayscale in some form within the book, and a prize package donated by the Lilac Trading Station.


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I listened to my first podcast last night (I know I'm late to the party) and it was The Signal. Have any of you guys ever listened to this? It's great! The quality of production and effort they put into it is obvious. This episode was especially cool to me because it has an 6 minute Heavy Metal fan song called "Reavers" on it. Check it out:
Signal #8, Season 2

Does anyone have other podcasts they would recommend? I'm particularly interested in Firefly (of course), Battlestar, and Dr. Who. Thank you kindly.
Big Damn Heroes

We are too pretty to go out like this!!!

Okay, there is cheating going on in the bracketology poll. Though it is just an online poll it has really got me annoyed. I know I am reposting and I hope this doesn't annoy people but I need to renew the plea on everyone's friend page:

Obviously vote if you haven't - but if you are part of another community where browncoats frequent please post a link with the request that people go and vote! It just doesn't seem right that firefly get cheated out of something again!


If we were getting beaten fair and square that would be one thing ...
Serenity - Mal Dance (lambietoes)

We are *indeed* too pretty to let die!

I don't know how many of you have been following along in the bracketology poll, but Firefly has pulled off a victory in the 2006 Prime Time TV Championship.

The poll itself doesn't reflect the correct numbers. It turns out there was some "ballot stuffing" to increase the numbers for House, M.D. I'm happy to also report that not one vote for Firefly was disallowed.

What does it all mean in the grand scheme of things? Nothing. What does it tell us about Browncoats? Even though we *might* be known as rabid fans, we're also honest ones.

Yay, Browncoats!
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I am in need of help! A lot of help, but more on that some other time. Heheh..

I'm looking for a Wash mood theme for my journal, but so many people post here so much, that I can't back track enough to see if one was posted already.

If anyone can help it would be AWESOME!! <3 Thanks peoples ^^!

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