May 6th, 2006


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I'm writing an essay on Serenity and its constructions of monstrosity, good and evil and humanity vs non humanity.

Can anyone point me towards to any articles about Serenity/Firefly. Academic or other.

Also, a question/reflection about certain events in Serenity.
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Recognition (Mal/River)

Title: Recognition
Author: Nyxie
Pairing: Mal/River
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Just after the Serenity movie.
Summary: Ever since Miranda, things've been different between them. Sometimes though, different ain't so different.

"River floats down the hall, tasting the texture of smooth metal pipes with trailing fingertips, head tilted slightly to the side, mouth curved in a gentle, absent smile. She hardly seems to notice Mal at all—glancing eyes meeting for an instant as they pass—and then she sweeps along, humming softly under her breath. He stills and turns to watch her, her body drifting in time with the ship’s rhythms, head tilted as she listens to its voice, touching its secrets and finding each of them beautiful and sacred."

( Recognition )