May 17th, 2006

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Well no doubt you guys remember me here a little while ago pimping the wash commthis_community and our multi-media challenge. Well the challenge has begun! 

We're asking you to make us either a fic (for you Big Damn writers) or some icons incorperating the lyrics to (my personal favorite song) Imogen Heaps "Airplane" The lyrics are posted at the com along with the specifics and the rules for the deadline. 

There is a prize up for grabs - your very own banner along with a vid or graphic request. 

The deadline is June 1st so you got time to finish with your Wash loving goodness! 

Possible Firefly prop display at LA Worldcon this year

Hey guys!

Just a very advanced, preliminary heads-up that there might be a Firefly prop display at LA WorldCon this year in Anaheim.

A friend of a spouse of a friend made some of the original props for the show, and I put her in touch with the programming people at WorldCon. Just got cc'd that they've apprached this person to see if they'd be willing to have a display.

More details as I know more!
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