May 19th, 2006

Sam Beam
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I have a friend that has a birthday coming up in the next few days and I am wanting to surprise her with the season set of Firefly for the occassion. When talking to her about it a month ago, she told me that even though she has numerous friends that're into the series she has somehow kept herself completely spoiler-free in all this time and that she would bite me if I were to tell her anything that happened.

This, of course, makes me want to get bitten and was hoping this community could give me a list of very light spoilers that I might include on the card I will send along with the DVD set. Something along the lines of "the clumsy guy in the pilot's really the villain!". I want to tease her but, at the same time, don't really want to spoil her. Something in Serenity or The Train Job would be preferred simply because it would be out of the way quickly whereas telling her the truth about River in Objects in Space would probably be a bit much.

Any suggestions?

uptheapples gave the perfect spoiler.
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