May 20th, 2006

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My first fanvid

Vidder: eireangel_arts
Vid Title: Sexbomb
Band/Artist/Song: Sexbomb - Tom Jones
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Character/Paring: The women of Firefly/Serenity
Music Genre: Cheesy elevator
Video Genre: Sex and humor
Size/Type: 9mb - WMV file
Summery / Notes: This is my first vid. So I wanted to do something light and smiley for the first one. Something that didn’t require too much thought into it, just something catchy and cute. So it’s the women of firefly/serenity and how sexy they are. This is my first vid, so please keep that in mind. I know my vid doesn’t have a lot of special effects and is very basic.

To download - Sendspace: Sexbomb Sendspace
To view - Putfile: Sexbomb Putfile
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First Firefly fanvid

Hello there : ) I'm a brand new Firefly addict, and since the totally unfair cancellation of this shiny tv show frustates me like ever, I compensate by doing the most of fanwork I can...
I hope you'll like this first vid' (and hope too there's not too many mistakes in that message, I'm not a native english-speaker, sorry about my grammar ^^" ) but all kind of reviews are welcome, especially ones that makes me progress : )

Vidder : Jade
Title : The Remedy (is Serenity)
Song : The Remedy (I won't worry) by Jason Mraz
Spoilers : Through the whole serie but spoiler free about the movie
Characters  : The whole crew
Genre : Humor
Size / Type : 9,3 MB - WMV file
Notes : This is a tribute to the Serenity's crew, the family they form. No special effects or stuff, but I tried to match the lyrics as much as possible
This video has been created for the_swordman, fan_elune and greenie_breizh, the 3 awesome browncoats who made me a browncoat : )
Links : available here (click on the last pictures to download the zipe file)
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War Stories is a Firefly/Serenity roleplaying game that takes place after the series, but before the movie. We are in immediate need of the following characters:



If you have any questions, please contact: or

17 and older please!