May 30th, 2006

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Serenity Screening

The Fresno Browncoats will take part in Serenity Now/Equality Now by holding a screening of Serenity on June 22, 2006. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit our website at

Stay Shiny!
FS-Chi screaming


I had gotten a couple icons here a while ago, and in my HD crash may have lost any info on who made them. Whoever you are, FESS UP! (I wanna credit >_>)

Also, was there ever a Fruity Oatie Bars commercial animated icon made? I never snagged it if there was, and I wants it! I wants the precious!!! Pretty please? <3<3
firefly - kaylee&#39;s parasol

Any Browncoats in Oregon or Washington?

Calling all Firefly fans in Oregon and Washington.

"I'm preparing a roster of we, the Great Northwest fans, in hopes of putting together a web-site for us to find one another and maybe set up a mini-convention for us. Activities like small or large parties, RPG's, sci-fi premiere movie screenings, just about any outings...seems to me they'd all be so much the better for being done with a bunch of local browncoats."

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