June 6th, 2006

Disney Fans unite with Fireflly

I was looking around YouTube and stumbled upon something that said "Zac Efron in Firefly".

Those of you who don't know - Efron played the hunky dork-head basketball star Troy Bolton in "High School Musical". And he happened to play young Simon in Safe.

Comparing pictures of Efron today and Sean the Bod, I wonder how Simon ever ended up looking how he does.. and with so small a mouth!

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Fraggle Wash

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Wondering if there were any DC-area Browncoats aside from myself?

Also, saw an AP picture today that struck me as "high-larious", especially altered as below...
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Edit: Woops--Typo.
Edit 2: Clearer Version. ^_^;
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New in town

*timidly walks up to group of Browncoats* Hi. I'm new here. I joined this community a couple of weeks ago, but I've been a little too shy to introduce myself. I'm a rather new Browncoat. I first heard about this show a few months ago when my cousin told me about it. She wanted so much to share this wonderful show with someone that she made me watch the pilot (she has the season box set). I'm so glad she did because I fell in love with this show! I watched each episode in order with her. She wouldn't let me watch any of them without her. It took awhile to get through them, and I was anxious the whole way. I was always craving another episode after watching my one or two for the week. Yes, my cousin tried to pace me with them. Since there aren't that many episodes, she wanted it to last. And then I got to see the movie Serenity, and it was so awesome! By this time, I was a crazed fan. And now, I've joined this community and I'm going to the charity screening June 23 so I can meet other Browncoats. From what I can see, ya'll seem like a mighty fine bunch. I hope I can find a home in this community. =)