June 7th, 2006


I just received a lovely, if belated, compliment from selenesue on the Inara outfit I had for LosCon (I was the person laughably attempting to moderate the Firefly panel).

Coming from her, that's quite something!

BetN, doing the toe-scuffing thing...
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The Firefly Drinking Game

I thought it would be fun to come up with a Firefly drinking game, as I haven't seen one before. Here’s my first stab at it. Does anyone want to add a few? (Or, is there already a drinking game in existence?)

This list includes contributions from sharelle too.

Firefly Drinking Game
Rules - Have one sip of your drink each time the specified event occurs:

1. A member of the crew – or the entire crew - is kidnapped, arrested, or ambushed
2. Someone is having trouble in their lovelife
3. Someone speaks Chinese
4. Anytime a crew member puts on a spacesuit (one sip for each crew member wearing a suit)
5. River says something ominous (have two drinks if her warning is ignored)
6. A different pronunciation of Inara’s name is spoken
7. Any time crew members are sitting at the dining table, eating. If it’s dinner “family style” with every crew member eating together, then everyone in your drinking game must chug
8. A member of the crew is punched, shot, or kicked
9. Jayne is confused about something
10. Uninvited guests are aboard the ship (Jubal Early, Burgess’ men, the Alliance, etc.)
11. The words “shiny” or “gorram” are used
12. A job goes south
13. Dinosaur sightings!
14. Jayne makes a lewd comment (or has that “thinking impure thoughts” look on his face)