June 10th, 2006

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The New Zealand Science Fiction Community

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Please don’t shoot!

I have a new comm. (sci_fi_kiwi), specifically put up for New Zealand sci-fi. It’s a place to find out about science fiction in New Zealand, about local artists, writers and movie makers – and where to find them. Science fiction in NZ doesn’t get a lot of coverage, and our own (unless it’s a blockbuster movie) gets even less.

It’s also a place to discuss science fiction (from everywhere) at our own pace, without worrying spoilers. And to find episodes, DVDs, book, comics, games etc that aren’t readily available in our shops, or anywhere here.

This comm. is not picky, it’s open to anyone who loves our country (or is trapped here) and loves sci-fi. Please stop by and check us out!

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We have a rare gift...

Well, my friend called me yesterday and asked if I'd be home about 8 o'clock. I said yah. Library closes by 5. So nothing else I'd be home.

Well my friend, Mat, did call. And happened to come for a quick visit. So we played a little poker.

He also said that he was having a hard time finding the "Firefly" Series. I've converted him. Woohoo.

He did have one request. He wanted to see "Jaynestown" again. So we watched that this morning while having pancakes for breakfast. Apparently we have something that is rare in stores... And we looked on Ebay and other various things to try and find it. Kmart is selling them on-line only for $49.98... About $30 on ebay including shipping.

I said I got mine at Wal-mart. Apparently only one store has it in-store, and it isn't around me.

So I said worse case scenario we could look next weekend. He plans on coming down again. This weekend had a card show in Rosemont that he wanted to go to. So he'll just leave from there...

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Video Search

Hello, fellow Browncoats!

I'm looking for a shiny video that I saw online a few weeks ago, and haven't been able to find since.  It was of two guys at a convention, talking about how some fans are so obsessed that they dress up as their fandom's creator.  They promptly walked up to Joss Whedon and asked him about his costume.  He played along right away, elaborating on how he concentrated most on "pastiness" and the "Frankenstein forehead".  It was hilarious :D

I've been dying to see it, so if anyone knows where to find it, please comment!

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I swear I'm not emo.
But I watched the entire Firefly series again.
And dammit I feel sad.

I always do, honestly. I hold my breath while watching the very last episode, knowing knowing I'm gonna feel like crap when it ends but I subject myself to it anyways.

I just friggin' love the show and the characters and the actors and the story.

I can't say I have been a fan of Buffy or Angel, especially, but this is one of the things TV has produced which I adore. Given my current emo-ness I have joined up a dozen firefly/serenity communities so I don't feel so alone in my helplessness. So this is my first post.

When I watch it again, I'll probably be back with another post.

I just needed to express this somewhere where people won't think i'm totally nuts.

I keep living each day in hope that somehow, somewhere in the future it will come back.

I am anxiously scanning the inter-web, waiting for any news of a comeback. I know I'm not alone in this.