June 11th, 2006


Birth control in the verse

(Hopefully this topic is allowed...if this is against any rules or needs to be behind a cut-tag, just let me know.)

Do you think that reliable birth control exists in the black? My initial thought was that wealthy core planets certainly have some good form of it, but in the black they might not. I thought that the episode “Heart of Gold” confirms that it’s not easy to get good birth control in the black. After all, why would Petaline choose to bear a child to Burgess; she must have become pregnant by accident.

But a friend of mine countered that perhaps Burgess made promises to her or talked her into having his child. And my friend also pointed out that Zoe doesn’t get pregnant despite having plenty of chances to. So perhaps decent birth control is available in the black.

What do you think?

The commonality of Readers.

Hello all,

A friend of mine and I were having a discussion about the Firefly Universe, and we're at a bit of an impasse. I'm hoping that someone here can offer an educated opinion. The question: How common was River's ability to "read" (understand other people and their emotions and to a limited extent read minds)?

His interpretation: Not at all common, but not unheard of. He cites 1) the existence of rules for readers in the Serenity RPG; 2) that no one argued or disputed or questioned her abilities, and no one specifically said "there's no such thing"; and 3) that the existence of readers was hinted at at the beginning of the movie.

My interpretation: Outside of Blue Sun's experimentation and torture, readers don't exist at all. I think the references to them at the beginning of the movie referred to those few who had developed abilities because of Blue Sun's experiments. And I think no one said "there's no such thing" because I don't think the series (or the movie) delved far enough to truly explore River's psychic abilities - they only barely scratched the surface of her "killing machine" side.

So . . . what do you think? I'm most interested in opinions supported by specific examples from either the show or the movie (or other cannon works, like the graphic novels).
Black Market Beagles

Whole Bunch of New Black Market Beagle Stuff!

Ok, so my muse went on vacation again, but I finally got back into the groove and got two new Little Damn Heroes done! I finished Simon, completing the set, and did a new Mal to answer the requests of all the guys who've been asking for a non-naked version. You can see all the LDHs at www.blackmarketbeagles.com.

Here's a banner and an LJ icon I created for each design. As always, please don't modify them, but feel free to take them.

Also, I created desktop wallpapers based on the Little Damn Heroes.

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Polymer Serenity

Hey folks!

I'm about to get into the wonderful world of polymer clay design, and since I'm also a Firefly fan, I was thinking of making figures of Serenity and various characters from Firefly and was wondering if anyone out there would seriously be interested in buying them once they're made.

So, would anyone here honestly and seriously spend money on such things? If so, how much do you think they'd be worth? Assume that they're pretty detailed.

Please let me know! Thanks!


Friends of mine are working on a new Firefly/Serenity podcast site, Sending A Wave
I had this message from them yesterday:
We are looking for somebody who would be willing to write a fan fic series for the podcast - a spin off from Firefly/Serenity. We want characthers coming in from the show but also to develop our own characters from scratch. At the end of each episode people will be able to vote for what action they want to happen at the start of the next episode.
The first podcast is going out on 1st of July so we will need everything at least a few days before hand to put it all together; let's say about the 18th of this month - we need to know for definate so we can get the spin off sorted out etc

Each 5-10 minute episode will be read out during the monthly podcast. They're also looking for volunteers to read out the fanfic instalments, so writers need not fret that they'll be called upon to do so if that's not their cup of tea!
For more information, or to offer your services, email podcast@sendingawave.com
Check out the website Sending A Wave

I hope this is allowed. If not, I apologise and understand if it gets deleted.