June 12th, 2006

Watch Your Step

It's psuedo-related!

For those of you who appreciate being the only one in on the joke, Jo-Ann Fabric is having their annual "Firefly Frenzy" sale next Fri/Sat. Last year it just happened to be going when I bought fabric to sew my Blue Sun quilt, which made me grin like an idiot. So if any of you crafty Browncoats are planning on making any Jayne hats or what-have-you, you might want to mosey on over, as it's one of their bigger sales and ... well ... who can resist giggling at all the signs? Thought some of you might be amused :P

Serenity Now / Equality Now

FOR THE NEW ZEALAND FANS! (I'm so excited that we're having one here)

In support of Joss Whedon's favourite charity, Equality Now, and to celebrate his upcoming birthday, there is a special screening of the movie Serenity being held on Friday the 23rd of June at 7pm in Wellington. The screening will take place at Reading Courtenay Central.

Tickets are $13, and are available only through house_monkey. You cannot buy tickets directly from the theatre. The email address is coravel(at)gmail(dot)com
There will also be t-shirts, costing $30.
Because this is meant to be a fundraiser, donations are also welcome. Proceeds raised go to Equality Now.

This is part of a worldwide event, check out the official website at Can't Stop the Serenity.
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Chicago screening is a go! Friday June 23rd, 9:30pm

It's official! Chicago has gotten a print so the June 23rd showing is a goooooo! If you're a Firefly fan and missed Serenity on the big screen, here's a chance to see it; or, if you simply want to support a good cause, come on out for a good sci-fi movie.

Who?: You! ...as well as anyone else that happens to be in Chicago and wants to see Serenity (aka. Firefly, the movie)

What?: A big screen showing of Joss Whedon's "Serenity" with proceeds benefiting his favorite charity "Equality Now"

Equality Now works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure. For more information, visit their website, equalitynow.org.

How much?: Tickets will be sold at the door for $10.00 each.

Friday, June 23rd - 9:30pm at newly renovated Portage Theatre, 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave. (just north of W. Irving Park Rd.), Chicago

Full details: http://serenity.reversedrive.com/
For other participating cities, visit http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com/
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Atlanta showing needs your help

queenginny, I hope that this is okay to post.

I'm not Angela, but I got this e-mail from her today regarding the Atlanta, Georgia showing:

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Now, I know it just seems like we're always asking each other to come through ... but you know, we always do come through for each other. I've been parts of lots of fandoms, but I've truly never seen one like this.

As of 10:02 pm EST, the thermometer is at $639.00 raised -- $161.00 shy of the needed goal. At $12 each, we'd need just over 13 more people to make that happen. Think of it as 6 pairs +1 with a friend, and it's even more doable. :) However, it's got to happen before 2:00 pm on 6/12/2006. That's tomorrow.

Please, if you're in the metro Atlanta area, please go to www.atlantabrowncoats.com to make it happen and to help Equality Now. Let's see Serenity fly one more time on the big screen!

EDIT: 10:32 EST - Down to $111.00 needed! Thank you, stormkpr! That was truly generous and wonderful of you to do.

EDIT: 10:46 EST - Down to $87 needed!
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We made it!

Thanks to the generosity of stormkpr and other Browncoats who believed beyond reason, Atlanta made its goal of $800 to get the movie to the LeFont Plaza on June 22nd. Per Angela, we now have enough to cover expenses, so all the rest goes to charity!

To be candid with you, I really got choked up at my keyboard. Seeing Browncoats reaching out to one another across the miles ... it kind of refreshes one's faith in humanity, and reminded me that there are an awful lot of good people in this old world.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who have helped the cause. I mean it when I say that I'm proud to be part of this fandom.