June 20th, 2006


Passengers wanted!!!!!!

Passengers wanted looking to travel the black on a Firefly class transport. We will be making stops near Hera, Newhall, Paquin, Higgins' Moon and Lilac. Fares neg. We don't ask many questions. Crew wanted also looking for a Doctor or Merc type to sign on. If you are interested in sailing the black send a wave to unknownvigilante at yahoo dot com

(Serenity RPG game no exp. necessary)

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Okay, um. I was wondering if anyone has Firefly/Serenity pictures to share with me.
Just pictures, so I can turn them into icons or banners or stuff.
I have no means ATM to get them from my other computer here, but I need my fix so any help would be tooootally appreciated.
Once I've made some icons, banners, etc. I will of course share!


Hope this is okay to post this here....

I'm looking for a Firefly icon I saw a while ago before I'd ever seen the show. It has a picture of combat boots, and, beneath that, is says 'pitter patter of tiny feet in huge combat boots.' Does anyone know who made that icon and where I can find it?

That's all....Thanks!

ETA: After much searching, I found the icon, but I still don't know who made it. Anyone know?

Icon 1
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