June 23rd, 2006


Birthday Song for Joss

This is a new song from the Firefly music project ... this time especially for Joss` Birthday today.

Happy Birthday Joss!!!

lyrics: Kessie & Bernd
female backvocal: Sternchen
female spoken words: Djini
Joss soundclips provided by Monika
Keyboards: Jacen & Bernd
Choir: Sternchen,Jacen,Djini,Monika
All other instruments, sounds and leadvocals: Bernd/Kaywin

Can't stop the signal (happy birthday Joss)


Can't stop the signal

Stop! No! You can't stop the signal
many browncoats gotta go strong
Stop! You can't stop the signal
come on join us in this song
Stop! No! You can't stop the signal
we`ll continue to fly on
Stop! You can't stop the signal

and we`re wishing we`re wishing, we`re wishing,
we`re wishing Joss a happy one

There once was a time, when TV was a wasteland,
but then again it did shine, and our boredom came to an end.
Our heroes entered the screen were more addictive than caffeine
This all was done by one special man
He brought us the fun and hope in TV again.

He passed on the scythe and he stopped the old myth
that vamps have no souls, he changed women`s roles.
lets people juggle geese, he created a man of cheese
Buffy, Angel or Firefly, our love for the show is always high


oh yeah, He can`t be stopped
Not even when his show gets dropped
and against all the odds
he tamed the movie gods
And we got, how groovy,
Oh yeah, our Big damn movie
his verses entered our heart,
we truly love his art



add us at
FLASH samy giggle by hair

SLC screening a success

I'm such a happy lil Browncoat today!

Last night we held our charity screening of Serenity in honor of Joss's brithday. We decided to give the proceeds to The Christmas Box House which is a shelter for abused and neglected kids here in SLC. There are a couple more houses around as well. Anyway, we were worried that we weren't going to have a big enough turn out to cover expenses of the theater without Leitha having to take a personal loss but it ended up that we had enough to cover it AND to raise quite a bit for TCBH as well. I'm so happy about that. I'll update when I find out how much we were able to raise.

Things didn't go quite how I'd planned as I was suposed to help with the prizes but another girl kinda honed in and took over without so much as a "by your leave", but she's one of those that crave the spotlight and being the center of attention so she really trived on it. AND if I'd been the one to do it I couldn't have won the Zoe covered comic book for knowing BDM means BIG DAMN MOVIE! *GLEE*

Well, my friend Becky had won just before me and didn't want what she had (cos she doesn't wear necklaces cos she has a baby) and begged me to trade her. Even though Zoe's my girl I have the comics on my puter and decided to trade with her. This is what I got!

It is a pendant that is the symbol for "Brown Coat", I decided to go on the site listed on the box and found out that it is sterling silver and I think it's really SHINY! GET ONE HERE!

Now that I have the basics out Imma crash. Prolly update more later. It was a lot of fun and I met some kewl new people.

OOOOOH! I forgot something important!

The crew for DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE: the Fans' Tale of Firefly and Serenity - a Doctumentary hosted by ADAM BALDWIN was there! I will prolly end up on the cutting room floor but they had a camera and did video of the whole thing! including us all singing the Firefly theme song and Happy Birthday to Joss :-D

We also got to see some of what they have done so far and this is going to be a great thing guys! You should really check it out. A percentage of the proceeds goes to Equality Now. Check it out at DoneTheImpossible/CantStopTheSerenity

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birthday contest!

Booster is holding a contest right now that is pathetically easy and has really awesome prizes, including 2 weekend passes to Flanvention 2, autographed photos, and more. All you have to do is leave a birthday message for Joss on the Booster forum board before Monday and you're automatically entered. THAT'S IT. Winners will be announced Monday, and the messages will be sent on to Joss.

People. Come on. Do it!

Click here to get a log-in name. The "register" link is on the top left of the homepage once you're past the flash intro. Registering with Booster requires no financial obligation and there is no email spam. Halfway down the left-hand side of the homepage is the news announcement of the contest, which includes a link to the forum itself. The entire process takes less than two minutes. As of the time this was posted, there aren't even 40 entries! This is highway robbery! Go for it!
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We finally got our amazing Firefly litho custom framed at Aaron Bros. It came out quite nice, and has found a home in our entryway, so that all who come in can see the amazing Christmas gift from mindydanz and her husband, Dan.

Autographed by both the artist, and the man himself, Joss Whedon :)

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