June 26th, 2006


OTP Icons

I made a list of my top twenty OTPs from tv shows and made some simple icons of the images I used. I thought I'd share them with you.

01-06 Firefly
07-11 BtVS/AtS
12-13 Dawson's Creek
14-15 Beverly Hills 90210
16-17 House
18-20 Bones
21-25 Farscape
26-27 Lost
28-30 My So-Called Life
31-32 Roswell
33-34 Sex and the City
35-37 Gilmore Girls
38-39 Ally McBeal
40-41 Judging Amy
42-43 Wonderfalls
44-45 Berlin, Berlin
46-45 Battlestar Galactica

02. 04.

The rest can be found H E R E at fandom_obsessed.

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Hi guys! It's me again! So I posted last time saying I'm cosplaying as Jayne at D*C, but I think I wanna go with something River-ish for any shindigs that may occur. So! How many of you are familiar with the pink dress she wears in the beginning of The Message? I want /that/. If someone knows of a place that has something similar or of someone who would be willing to make it - it looks pretty simple - let me know. I'm rabid for this dress. *foams*
              <3 Dani. Again.